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The Weyland Century

1990 (October 4)

Peter Weyland born in Mumbai, India to an Oxford-educated Professor of Comparative Mythology and a self taught engineer.

2004 (October 4)

Peter Weyland is granted his twelfth registered patent - a Method Patent for a synthetic trachea.

Estimate sourced from Official Weyland Timeline.

2012 (October 11)

Weyland Corporation is recognised as a legal entity and corporation under US law, with a higher market value than any company in history.

2015 (March 27)

Weyland Corporation launches a mission to install solar panels in space.

2015 (June 30)

Energy gathered from orbital solar panels nets Peter Weyland his first billion. Weyland Industries receives further funding from a trio of major venture capital firms.

2016 (February 2)

Global warming is effectively ended when Peter Weyland sets up a prototype atmosphere processor, synthesizing a localised synthetic atmosphere, above the polar ice cap.

2016 (July 17)

Peter Weyland is knighted.

2017 (March 10)

Sir Peter Weyland is given a Nobel Peace Prize for his work with atmospheric processing.

2017 (December 19)

Weyland acquires technology NASA's Project Prometheus. The Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter mission is revived by Weyland Industries and simple lifeforms are discovered in Europa's ocean.

2022 (June 1)

The Weyland Industries Health Division research in genetics and using extraterrestrial elements, results in the release of an effective cure to 98% of cancers.

2023 (June 4)

Sir Peter Weyland is awarded another Nobel Peace Prize for his cancer cure.

2023 (February 28)

Sir Peter Weyland gives a TED talk outlining his vision for the next 50 years.

2023 (August 5)

Weyland Industries is granted patent 8,128,899 for Method and Apparatus for cybernetic individuals.

2024 (May 10)

Weyland military engineers make significant advancements in rifling technology, tripling speed and doubling accuracy of projectiles.

2024 (September 6)

Weyland Industries begins marketing the Holographic Environment Simulator.

2024 (September 10)

Weyland military engineers introduce the Storm Rifle - a weapon that can determine a target's health and physique as well as track them from over 500km away.

2025 (January 7)

The first advanced android prototype - David 1 - is manufactured. The name 'David' is the name Weyland reserved should he ever have a human son.

2026 (March 22)

Patent 9,158,239 is granted to Weyland Industries for an advanced polyurethane compound capable of almost prefectly replicating the biological features and texture of human skin.

2026 (June 3)

Patent number 10,445,075 is granted to Weyland military for self-adjusting crosshair that compensates for wind and Coriolis effect.

2026 (September 30)

Weyland Corporation acquires the world's largest public biotech firm.

2026 (November 18)

Weyland buys out the under funded Kepler mission from NASA and increase it's funding tenfold. 6,546 more bio-compatible planets are found within the next few months.

2028 (January 1)

The David 2 android is produced.

2028 (March 31)

Weyland Industries become the first company to achieve a market capitalisation of $100 billion in five years.

2028 (May 20)

Weyland scientists discover the process of putting a body into stasis or hypersleep.

2029 (August 9)

Sir Peter Weyland makes good on his boast "There are other worlds than this one, and if there is no air to breathe, we will simply have to make it", when patent 11,280,599 is granted for the first fully-automated atmospheric processor.

2029 (September 18)

Weyland Corporation acquires CERN including it's particle accelerator and other facilities when EU funding runs out.

2029 (December 12)

A long running patent lawsuit regarding the David android against Japanese start-up Yutani Corporation is settled in Weyland Corporations favour.

2030 (July 27)

A practical use for hypersleep is patented (12,004,556) with the production of the first hypersleep chambers. This enables longer and more advanced space missions.

2031 (August 10)

Terraforming begins on the moon, with permanent settlements to follow.

2032 (April 3)

Weyland Corporation acquires four of the world's largest defence contractors.

2032 (May 20)

Weyland scientists discover that faster than light travel is possible, after finding an inverse relationship between velocity and the flow of time.

2033 (July 4)

Metals mined from the Gliese 581 system lead to the creation of a 5.56mm ballistic round capable of travelling at max velocity in any atmosphere and any range.

This entry is a bit confused as materials are seemingly mined from Gliese 581 - some 20 light years from Earth - before the first faster than light space exploration vehicle is developed the following year.

2033 (October 4)

Dr Richard Post, a Chief Statistican in the Electronics Division, becomes Weyland Corporation's one millionth employee.

2034 (January 17)

The Heliades - the first FTL-capable space exploration vehicle, is introduced.

2035 (May 11)

The National Science Foundation lifts restrictions regarding the commercial use of David model synthetics.

2035 (June 30)

Third generation David androids are deployed internally within Weyland Corporation to test human acceptance.

2035 (July 21)

New Weyland offices are opened in countries such as Greece, Antarctica, El Salvador and South Africa, amongst others.

2036 (August 25)

The Explorers Academy is launched, where underprivileged college students are educated in the fields of biotechnology, nanotechnology, cybernetics and terraforming. Top graduates are offered positions at Weyland Industries.

2037 (December 15)

Weyland Industries is named the number one 'best company to work for' by Fortune 500.

2037 (December 21)

An area of space rich in minerals and other natural resources is christened 'The Outer Veil' by Weyland astronomers.

2038 (July 4)

Weyland Industries becomes chief employer of Asian Conflict veterans.

2039 (March 2)

Patent 13,345,075 is granted for an add-on feature of the Weyland Storm Rifle, that compensates for composition, density, pressure and refractive index of any atmosphere.

2039 (May 28)

The first breathable atmosphere is created on an extrasolar planet following the deployment of a Weyland Atmosphere Processor.

2039 (May 14)

LV-426 is discovered orbiting a gas giant in the Zeta 2 Reticuli system.

Typo aside (original entry on official timeline spelled it "Reicula"), since there is no other star "just outside Zeta 2 Reticuli", LV-426 is considered to be INSIDE the Z2R system. The nearest other star is it's binary pair, Zeta 1 Reticuli - which would've rated a mention by Lambert in Alien had that been where they were heading. .

2042 (April 1)

The David 4 android becomes the first commercially available android, sold to home and business customers.

2042 (August 18)

Following a government tender, Weyland Industries build and maintain a Class E Correctional Unit on HD 85512 b. Inmates are relocated from Earth and many are eventually rehabilitated.

2042 (November 20)

The Little Explorers charity for troubled middle school students interested in science and technology, is established after Weyland Industries invests $5 billion.

2051 (April 19)

The RT01 Group Transport is developed.

2051 (April 19)

Patent 14,524,002 is granted for Weyland Corporation's ATV NR6, the first manned land vehicle capable of negotiating vertical terrain.

2052 (July 7)

The David 5 synthetic humanoid, with major intellectual and emotional updates, is released.

2055 (August 1)

Weyland is named among the top 50 companies for Executive Women by the National Association for Female Executives.

2056 (January 29)

The patent for a mechanised exo-skeleton for heavy lifting and transport is granted (15,725,924). Weyland Industries subsidiary, Caterpillar develops the Power Loader for commercial application.

Caterpillar is a speculatory reference to the loader manufacturer in Aliens.

2057 (August 7)

Meredith Vickers, daughter of Sir Peter Weyland, is born.

2058 (November 1)

Charlie Holloway is born in the US.

2059 (July 22)

A flame based decontamination pack that uses ambient atmosphere as a self replenishing fuel is developed by Weyland Industries.

2060 (August 9)

Weyland Industries introduces the Broca Dialectical Implant - a language learning tool that requires no learning by the user.

2061 (September 2)

The first fully-automated diagnosis and surgical station - the Medpod 7201 - is patented by Weyland Industries (16,572,092).

2061 (December 28)

Elizabeth M Shaw is born in England.

2062 (February 26)

The sixth generation David droid is tested among consumers. Only 7% of people can recognise it as being cybernetic.

2063 (December 1)

The spectagraph - an anti-gravity 3D mapping device - is patented by Weyland Corporation (17,900,353).

2064 (August 11)

A new advanced EVA suit, including a number of Weyland patented features such as a cadmium exo-skeleton, info display, vital signs of the wearer and environmental stats, is developed.

2065 (June 23)

Sir Peter Weyland Memorial Library is built in Washington, DC.

Do you build 'memorials' to people who aren't dead yet?

2065 (November 20)

The US government approaches Weyland Industries about forming a colonial peacekeeping force.

2066 (April 7)

The market penetration of the David synthetic is increased following a reduction in production costs.

2068 (July 6)

David 7 is deployed across colonised space. Human acceptance reaches record highs following classified new emotional encoding. It can accurately replicate most human emotions and consistently achieves all mission objectives.

2070 (June 30)

The FDA approves the Medpod 7201 unit. 12 are immediately produced for home use with tens of thousands on back order.

2071 (May 13)

Weyland Industries become a Worldwide Olympic Partner as well as official "Cybernetics Company" of the Olympics through to 2091.

2071 (August 16)

The Synapse Re-establisher, a device that can temporarily restart brain activity in a corpse, is patented (18,364,003).

2072 (March 9)

Weyland Corporation is restructured into seven divisions - Health, Transportation, Energy, Electronics, Terraforming, Security and Cybernetics.

2080 (June 30)

The FDA approves the Medpod 7201 unit. 12 are immediately produced for home use with tens of thousands on back order.

Date shfited forward 10 years to try and conform with film dialogue.

2083 (January 1)

Weyland astronomers determine the co-ordinates for a new destination for the long dormant Project Prometheus.

This obviously doesn't refer to LV-223, and was originally listed as taking place in 2073 on the Weyland Corporate Timeline. I've shifted it forward 10 years to try and tie it in to the 2089 date in the film.


Yutani Corporation releases it's 'Quiet Eye' Photo-Polygraph video communication technology.

Based on the date taken from the 'Quiet Eye' promotional video. The '2074' has been revised to 2084 to conform with other data taken from this clip. See below.


Doctors Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway find a 35000 year old cave painting in Scotland of a figure pointing to a number dots. The same image has been discovered in other locations around the world created by cultures who never had any contact with each other across centuries. Shaw is convinced it's an invitation by an 'Engineer' race for mankind to travel to the stars to find them - the dots being a starmap.

2089 (March)

Dr Elizabeth Shaw starts trying to contact Sir Peter Weyland about her discovery from Glasgow, Scotland.

Based on the date 4/8/2079 on the Quiet Eye Prometheus promo vid. I've revised the '2079' date to 2089 to conform with the film. Location is taken from the co-ordinates seen in the aforementioned video.

2091 (June 2)

Peter Weyland records a message to be played to the crew of the USCSS Prometheus when they reach their destination.

2091 (August 2)

The USCSS Prometheus is launched from Earth on a deep space mission; its destination 'undisclosed'.

2093 (December 21)

The crew of the USCSS Prometheus approaches LV-223.

Behind the scenes material points to Zeta 2 Reticuli being the system where LV-223 is located, though this is about 4 light years further than the listed on screen distance.

2093 (December 25 - Morning)

The crew of the USCSS Prometheus is woken on final approach to LV-223.

2093 (December 25 - Afternoon)

The Prometheus touches down in the afternoon. Dr Elizabeth Shaw, Prof. Charlie Holloway, MO Ford, Geologist Fifield, Bioligist Millburn and android David, investigate a nearby structure. Their visit is cut short by a storm and they return to the ship with the head of an 'Engineer' and, unbeknownst to all but David, a ampule of organic matter. While evacuating the 'pyramid', Millburn and Fifield get lost and are left behind.

2093 (December 25 - Evening)

Observed by Meredith Vickers and Holloway, Shaw, Ford and David study the severed Engineer head. An attempt to reactivate the nervous system ends badly, after the head explodes. David later investigates the contents of the ampule on his own, while Shaw and Ford discover that the Engineers DNA is identical to human DNA. Later David puts a drop of the organic matter in Holloway's champagne.

2093 (December 25 - Night)

Inside the 'pyramid' Millburn and Fifield find a pile of dead Engineers as Captain Janek informs them of a sporadic life form reading coming in. Millburn and Fifield elect to head in the opposite direction of the reading. Back on the ship Shaw and Holloway make love.

2093 (December 26 - Pre-dawn)

Eventually Millburn and Fifield end up in the ampule room, now awash with the same black organic material David was studying, and encounter a snakelike lifeforms - 'the hammerpedes' - one of which attacks Millburn. While trying to cut if off Millburn, the creatures acid blood eats into Fifield's helmet and he falls headfirst into the back goo. The hammerpede burrows into Millburn's mouth.

2093 (December 26 - Morning)

Janek takes Shaw, Holloway, Co-Pilot Chance, Ford, Jackson - a mercenary - and another mercenary to the pyramid to search for Millburn and Fifield. They find Millburn dead, but before they can investiagte further are forced to return to the ship with Holloway who is sick. He shows signs of contamination, and believing himself beyond help, asks Vickers to incinerate him when they get back to the Prometheus. Meanwhile David, working alone, discovers a living Engineer in cryosleep.

Later David reveals to Shaw that she is pregnant with a foetus from the infected Holloway. David denies her request to remove it insisting she will be safe in cryostasis. Shaw attacks Ford and Jackson and escapes to Vickers medpod, which removes the squid-like embryo.

2093 (December 26 - Afternoon)

Shaw discovers that a very old Peter Weyland secretly travelled along with them and has been woken by David in order to meet with the living Engineer. Elsewhere a mutated Fifield shows up and starts attacking the crew. He kills several mechanics before being incinerated and run over by the RT01 transport.

Weyland, Shaw, David, Ford and Jackson travel back to the pyramid and wake the Engineer. It reacts violently, killing Weyland, Ford and Jackson and decapatating David. Shaw escapes as the Engineers ship - the Juggernaut - begins to take off - bound for Earth. Janek ejects the Prometheus' lifeboat, before crashing it into the Engineers ship causing it to crash. Vickers narrowly esacpes only to be crushed by the falling Juggernaut. Shaw makes it to the lifeboat but is attacked by the injured and enraged Engineer. Shaw releases her squid-embryo - now grown huge which attacks the Engineer while she gets away. David tells Shaw that there are more Juggernauts, which he is able to fly.

2094 (January 1 - Morning)

Shaw, the sole surviving human member of the Prometheus, departs LV-223 with David on one of the Engineers starships, searching for their homeworld. She leaves a message behind warning other ships not to approach the planet.

Back on the planet, an alien lifeform - the Deacon - bursts from the Engineers chest.


Most of the above information is taken straight from the Weyland Industries Timeline. Birth dates of Vickers, Holloway and Shaw are based on those of the actors who portrayed them.

Timings on LV-223 are loosely based around the position of the sun in the sky, although the length of a day on LV-223 is unknown it seems to be in the 24 hour ballpark. It's rotation is retrograde with the local sun rising in the west.

Another questionable aspect, aside from those listed above, is the proliferation of terraforming in the 21st century, which is presented as a fairly new thing to Ripley in Aliens (set in 2179).